List of the Chief Matron or Nursing Director


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List of the Chief Matron or Nursing Director

List of the Chief Matron or Nursing Director in Nurisng Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia

The Nursing Division of the Ministry of Health Malaysia is the arm of the Ministry in charge of all matters

concerned with Nurses or Nursing. It was established in 1946 and headed by Miss E. Bryant, the first Principal

Matron. She was succeeded by Miss Lacey, Miss R. Hegarty , Miss E. Hill and Miss E. Hooper ( 1963) who was

the last British Principal Matron.

Prior to the taking over of the nursing service administration at the Ministry of Health by Malayan nursing

personnel, there was a period of transition from 1961 to 1963. Miss Chong Ah Foo was the first Malayan Principal

Matron. The Nursing Division was then renamed Nursing Branch from 1972 untill 1992  when it was changed to

Nursing Board Malaysia.

From 2006,  it was renamed Nursing Division ( Bahagian Kejururawatan) Ministry of Health Malaysia until
the present time. The principal Matrons in the Nursing Division / Nursing Branch / Nursing Board Malaysia and

Nursing Division Ministry of Health Malaysia are listed in the table below:





 Miss E. Bryant  1946  1st Principal Matron  Nursing Division
 Miss Lacey  1946-  2nd Principal Matron  Nursing Division
 Miss R. Hegarty    3rd Principal Matron   Nursing Division
 Miss E. Hill    4th Principal Matron  Nursing Division
 Miss E. M. Hooper   1963  5th Principal Matron  Nursing Division
 Matron Chong Ah Foo  1963-1972  1st Principal Matron 
   ( local)
 Nursing Branch (Cawangan

 Matron Datin Rosinah bt Hj.   
 Abd. Karim  

 1972-1978  2nd Chief Matron  Nursing Branch (Cawangan 
 Matron Grace Yeoh 1978-1979  3rd Chief Matron    Nursing Branch (Cawangan
 Matron Azizah bt Hj. Abd.
1979-1981  4th Chief Matron   Nursing Branch (Cawangan

 Matron Sharifah Hasnah bt  S.A. Hamid   

1981-1987  5th Chief Matron  Nursing Branch (Cawangan
 Matron Ummi Kelsom bt
1987-1992  6th Chief Matron   Nursing Branch (Cawangan
 Matron Mahani bt Ismail 1992-1996  7th Chief Matron  Nursing Board Malaysia
 Matron Ajimah bt Hj. Hassan 1996-2000  8th Chief Matron  Nursing Board Malaysia

 Matron Datin Shamshiah    
 bt Hj. Omar

2000-2002  9th Chief Matron  Nursing Board Malaysia
 Matron Hjh. Dayang Annie bt
 Abang Narudin
2002-2004  10th Chief Matron  Nursing Board Malaysia
 Matron Dato' Hjh. Bibi Florina
 bt Abdullah

 11th Chief Matron /

 1st Nursing Director

 Nursing Board Malaysia /
 Nursing Division
 Matron Dato’ Hjh Fathilah bt
 Abdul Wahab
2008 -present   2nd Nursing Director   Nursing Division 

Figure 1: The List of Principal Matrons  Malaysia, Ministry of Health, Nursing Division (from 1946 till present)
              cited from Zubaidah Dato’ Hj. Mohd Said (2011)- reflection on Nursing Services in Malaysia

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