Function of Malaysia Nursing Board


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Function of Malaysia Nursing Board

 1.    Responsible for registration all categories of nurses that trained locally and oversea.
    a)  Registration of Staff Nurses, Community Nurses, Assistant Nurses, Public Health  Nurses
     and Mental Health Nurses trained locally and oversea

 Transkrip  / (Transcript)

      i.      Verification of Registration and Training Transcript  for those nurses working Abroad
      ii.     Issuance of training transcript for nurses from Nursing Colleges of Ministry of         
              Health Malaysia, Public and Private Institute of Higher Education of Malaysia 
              for further studies locally or abroad.
      iii.    Issuance of registration certificate / registration statement, badge / duplicate
             badges for Registered Nurses and Assistant Nurses (private)
 2.    Responsible for Professional Nursing Practice
   a)  Issuance of Annual Practicing Certificate ( APC) for all the local Registered  
     Nurses / Community Nurses / Assistant Nurses.
   b)  Issuance of Retention of Name for those Registered Nurses who are working     
     Abroad and retired nurses who wish to retain their name in the Registry.
   c)  Issuance of Temporary Practicing Certificate (TPC) for the foreign  nurses        
     working locally and yearly renewal.
   d)  Supervise and monitor  Nursing Practices in all Public and Private Health           
    e)  Investigate all public and private complaints pertaining to nursing practice.
    f)  Implement Continuous Professional Development  programs for all category of      
  3.    Training
    a)  Approve all Nursing Training Curriculum and monitor the usage of clinical practice area for the
     public / private nursing colleges and Public / Private Institute of Higher Education
     of Malaysia by the Examination and Education Committee Members and  forward 
     to the Nursing Board of Malaysia Meeting.
    b)  Accreditate private nursing colleges together  with the Malaysia Qualification          
     Agency (MQA), Department of Private Higher Education and Department        
     of Public Services Training Unit )
 4.    Responsible for conducting Licensing Examination for all nuring programme.
   a)  Manage application for enlistment of Malaysia Nursing Board Licensing      
   b)  Nomination and Appointment of chief invigilator, invigilator and examiner of theory and practical paper.
   c)  Conduct meeting for legislation,edition and selection of examination questions
   d)  Conduct  meeting for Verifying examination quesrtion paper and         
     Education and Examination Committee meeting for Announcement of 
     examination results.
   e)  Issuance of  Training Certificate / Training Statement for staff nurses,
     Community nurses and Assistance nurses ( private).
 5.    Malaysia Nursing Board Meeting
     Coordinate Malaysia Nursing Board (MNB) meeting at lease four times a year
     or when there is a need and to take remedial action on the arising
     matters that has been approved.

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