Frequently Asked Question(s).

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Curriculum Unit

How to know the accreditation status of a nursing institution?

through web: www.mqa.gov.my/MQR/

How to prepare document for accreditation?

through web: www.mqa.gov.my/MQR/

Why need to update the human resources and student data every 6 months?

Updates data every 6 months need because of frequent changes human resources and students

Why the accreditation process differs from one college to another?

Period of accreditation base on assessment instruments and JTC

How to appeal for a rejected programme?

The instituion shall appeal through the MQA and  LJM Appeal Committee

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Why do I need CPD points?

CPD points are needed to ensure that nurses continuously improve and Update their knowledge and competence in practice. It is a requirement for renewal of Annual Practicing Certificate as stipulated in the Nurses’ Act 1985.

How do I apply for CPD points for nurses for the courses that I wish to conduct?

Apply through CPD Unit Nursing Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia, with

  • Fill up the form BKJ – BOR – PP – 14
  • Attachments complete program
  • Attachments CV speakers

Application guidelines can be downloaded from the Portal Nursing, Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

To whom do I address CPD points application?

The request should be addressed to:

Pengarah Kejururawatan,
Bahagian Kejururawatan,
Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia,
Aras 3, Blok E1, Parcel E, Presint 1,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
62590 Putrajaya.

How long does it take to process CPD application?

Approval of application will be informed within seven (7) working days on receiving of all required documents.

Examination Unit

Do you know where to access for the yearly examination schedule of LJM/LBM?

The website is  –  http://nursing.moh.gov.my

What are the documents that you should send through the college to LJM, Nursing Division, to apply to sit for the nursing examination.

The documents are: Student’s application form (BKJ-BOR-PEP-05-01 Pin. 1/2012); Full Student’s Information: BKJ-BOR-PEP-05-02 Pin.1/2012;   and copy of identity card (crossed) and copy of academic certificates that have been certified.

When must the hard copy of the Application Form to sit for examination be sent to LJM/LBM Nursing Division?

Hard copy of Application form to sit for examination must be filled and students’ particulars entered into the SPMJ before sending it to LJM/LBM Nursing Division within 2 months of the examination.

When does the college register students who are sitting for the examination in the Sistem Pengurusan Maklumat Jururawat (SPMJ)?

Registration in the SPMJ for student who are sitting for examination must be done 2 months before the examination in the Sistem Pengurusan Maklumat Jururawat (SPMJ) via SPMJ website www.spmj.moh.gov.my/kolej

How much is the examination fees for LBM / LJM condition of admission of nurses to General Register

Examination fees for Program Diploma and the Advanced Diploma in Midwifery is RM 30 while for the Community Nurse and Assistance Nurse program is on RM 15.00

When must the students’ result at college level, be sent to LJM/LBM, Nursing Division?

Students’ results at college level must be sent to LJM/LBM Nursing Division, at least one (1) month before  the examination date as stated in the examination schedule.

When will the LJM/LBM results be accessible by the private college?

Results of LJM/LBM examinations will be accessible online  once it is endorsed by the Registrar of Nursing Board Malaysia, within 7 working days after complete receiving  of all examination answer papers from all nursing colleges.

How do your update student information record in the SPMJ?

Update student information on the menu bar ‘pinda / semak’ by clicking on pilih  (next to name of student)  and students information will be displayed.  Here, ensure that mandatory information is entered in full and correctly.

What is meant by ‘markah berterusan’ (cumulative marks)?

Markah berterusan is the final examination marks accumulated at college level for IPTA / IPTS are in the form of CGPA, whereas for students from KKM colleges, is Lulus /Gagal.

How do you do ‘SARINGAN’ by stages in SPMJ?

  • Kindly ensure that student information is updated in ‘pinda / semak rekod pelatih’ before screening.
  • Select menu ‘saringan pelatih untuk peperiksaan’ in SPMJ
  • Click box on the left side of student’s name, to select student that is sitting for LJM/LBM examination for that specific session.

At which stage is ‘screening of student for examination’ carried out?

Screening of student’ for examination should be done within 2 months and before examination date and based on the latest instructions that will be displayed in the SPMJ bulletin.

Private & Facility Unit

How much is the fee per year, to use MOH facilities for clinical placement of nursing students?

Please refer to the guidelines (Facility Guidelines 2014 Edition)

What is the procedure to apply for clinical placement at MOH facilities for Public / Private Institutions of Higher Learning (UA/US)?

Please refer to the guidelines (Facility Guidelines 2014 Edition)

How and when do I supposed to make the payment for clinical placement?

Cheque shall be addressed to;

Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia” and sent to

Aras 7, Blok E1, Kompleks E,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62590 Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Payment shall be made BEFORE 31 May every year.

I am a Clinical Instructor at a Public/Private Institution of Higher Learning (IPTA/ IPTS). Do I need to apply for “Teaching Permit”?

Yes. In accordance with Private Institution Act 555, all CI and nursing lecturers must possess valid “teaching permit” issued by MOE.

Do I need to have “teaching methodology” as a CI?


Registration & APC Unit

How to apply for retention of name?

Check on the web portal nursing go to nursing.moh.gov.my > click download > search for retention of name form.

How long does it take for each application to be processed?

For each completed application retention of name will be issued within 2   weeks once payment receipt received.

I have applied for retention of name and offered a job as a nurse. Should I apply for APC?

Yes, you must apply for APC since being employed will invalidate your retention of name status.

I want to pursue a degree, the university would like a proof of my training transcript. Where can I get this transcript?

Transcript training can only be obtained from the respective Colleges. LJM will do the verification only.

Can LJM issue the registration certificate in English?

This certificate in languages other than Bahasa Malaysia can be obtained from commissioner of oath.

I am offered to work abroad, the nursing board of the country requires confirmation letter from LJM?

Please complete the application form and payment as stated in the application form, LJM will send  a letter confirming your registration directly to any nursing board .

What if the registration certificate and badge are missing?

You need to create an official letter informing loss to LJM and together with:

  • a copy of identity card
  • Copies of registration certificates (if available. if you do not specify the place of training and years of training)
  • Payment of Money Order RM15.00 for each certificate and RM 5.00 for a badge.
TPC Unit

Which are the countries that are allow to work in Malaysia?

All countries are welcome to work in Malaysia except the state of Israel.

Are all categories of nurses allow to work in Malaysia?

Only trained registered nurses with specializations (post-basic) and registered with the Board / Council of the country of origin but not permitted to practice obstetrics in Malaysia.

What are the criteria for foreign nurses?

Please log on to our web site http://nursing.moh.gov (go to download and click at “Foreign Trained Nurses Employment Criteria”) for further information.

How much is the processing fee for Temporary Practicing Certificate (TPC)?

RM50.00, payment in the form of Postal or bank draft addressed to the Secretary of Malaysian Nursing Board

How long is the validity for TPC?

TPC is valid for one year only and the employers need to renew the TPC two months before the expiry date. The cost is RM70.00; payment in the form of Postal or bank draft addressed to the Secretary of Malaysian Nursing Board

Quality & Development Unit

What can I complaint to the Division of Nursing?

All complaints related to the nursing services and Code of Conduct.

Are there any fees charged for making a complaint?


Can I make a complaint on behalf of someone else?

Not encouraged.

Can I lodge a complaint without disclosing personal information?

Not encouraged.

What are the types of complaints that can be done?

All complaints related to the nursing services and Code of Conduct

How do I make a complaint?

Phone no. :
03 – 8883 1322

In Writing :
Quality Unit, Nursing Division
Level 3, Block E1, E, Precinct 1
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62590 Putrajaya, Malaysia

Walk -in :
Nursing Division
Level 3, Block E1, E, Precinct 1
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62590 Putrajaya , Malaysia

What action will be taken to my complaint?

Complaints will be forwarded to the Corporate Cooperative Unit ( UKK ),  case number will be  issued and registered  in the system. The acknowledgment letter ( SAT ) to the complainant will be issued and an investigation will be conducted . All correspondence relating to the investigation will be copied to the complainant for information

Hospital And Public Health Practise

How to apply nursing course in Ministry Of Health Malaysia?

Kindly apply through the Web site of Commissioner of Civil Service (SPA 8i)

What is the job scope of a nurse?

Please refer Nursing Portal KKM or  Ministry of Health Malaysia Portal.

How to apply post basic course in the government facility?

All application for post basic courses must be through the Hospital/District Matron.

What is the process for internal transfer within the state?

The process for internal transfer within the state must be through the Hospital/ District /Institution Matron.

What is the process for external transfer from state to state?

The process for external transfer from state to state must be through the Hospital/District /Institution Matron and State Matron.

How to get the nursing statistic for research purposes?

Applicant should register with National Medical Research Register (NMRR) and application should be sent to nursing division through NMRR .

What is the process for promotion in nursing?

The process for promotion in nursing for existing grade U32 and above is through offer from the Ministry of Health Malaysia, based on vacancy and allocation of post by the Department of Civil Service. Applicants who meet the criteria will be selected by the Board of Promotion.

Credentialing & Privileging

What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is the process of verifying qualifications, education, training, experience and services.to ensure current competence of the staff.

What is Privileging?

Privileging is the process of authorizing a specific scope of practice or procedure for patient care based on hospital requirement.

How to apply Credentialing & Privileging?

  1. Application for Credentialing can be done by manually using the Appendix AHP 1, AHP 1(a) and Appendix AHP 2 form and to be sent to the Unit Credentialing & Privileging Nursing Division Ministry of Health (MOH).

    Application form can be downloaded from the download section in Nursing Portal MOH.

  2. Application form for privileging is done by the respective Hospital Privileging Committee.

What are the disciplines that can apply for Credentialing?

  1. Peri Operative Care
  2. Intensive Care
  3. Ophthalmology
  4. Emergency Medicine & Trauma Services
  5. Dialysis (Heamodialysis / CAPD)
  6. Pre Hospital Care
  7. Paediatric
  8. Neonate
  9. Orthopaedic
  10. Endoscopy
  11. Peri-Anaesthesia Care

Who can apply for Credentialing?

All nurses working in Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia.

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