1. APC – 003 Registered Nurse – print in Green Paper
  2. APC – 004 Community Nurse – print in Pink Paper
  3. APC – 005 Assistant Nurse – print  in White Paper


  1. Prevention of Patient Fall
    1. Reference Guide for Nurses in Prevention of Patient fall
    2. Fall Prevention Teaching Slides
    3. Terms of References
    4. Technical Specification
    5. Flow Chart – Lampiran 1
    6. Lampiran 2 – Tindakan Kejururawatan Selepas Kejadian Jatuh
    7. Lampiran 3 – Sinage Risiko Pesakit Jatuh
    8. BKJ-BOR-PPK-Fall-1 Pind.1/2018 Form
    9. BKJ-BOR-PPK-Fall-2 Pind.1/2018 Form
    10. BKJ-BOR-PPK-Fall-3 Pind.1/2018 Form
    11. BKJ-BOR-PPK-Fall-4 Pind.1/2018 Form
    12. BKJ-BOR-PPK-Fall-5 Pind.1/2018 Form
    13. BKJ-BOR-PPK-Fall-6 Pind.1/2018 Form
    14. BKJ-BOR-PPK-Fall-7 Pind.1/2018 Form
  2. Thrombophlebitis
    1. Teaching Slide – Recognising Thrombophlebitis
    2. Terms of Reference
    3. Technical Specification
    4. Flow Chart for Management of Thrombophlebitis
    5. 4 Hourly Observation Chart for Thrombophlebitis (BKJ-BOR-PPK-10 Pind.1/2018)
    6. Cumulative Data Collection by Ward Sister (BKJ-BOR-PPK-11 Pind.1/2018)
    7. Cumulative Data Collection by Hosp Coordinator (BKJ-BOR-PPL-12 Pind.1/2018)
    8. Thrombophlebitis Report (BKJ-NNIA-2 Pind.1-2018)
    9. Check List (BKJ-BOR-NNIA-3 Pind.1/2018)
  3. Program Pementoran Kejururawatan
    1. Garispanduan Program Pementoran Kejururawatan
    2. Terms of Reference
    3. Fail Menti
    4. Fail Pementoran Mentor/KJ/PJ Kawasan
    5. Fail Pementoran KPJH/KPJD/KPJN
    6. Biodata (KKM-BKJ-BOR-PPK-01 Pinda.1/2018)
    7. Senarai Semak Program Orientasi
    8. Rekod Perjumpaan & Laporan Anecdotal
    9. Penilaian Prestasi
    10. Pengkalan Data Mentor Menti
    11. Borang KKM-BKJ-BOR-PPK-06 Pinda.1/2018
    12. Borang KKM-BKJ-BOR-PPK-07 Pinda.1/2018
    13. Borang KKM-BKJ-BOR-PPK-08 Pinda.1/2018
    14. Borang KKM-BKJ-BOR-PPK-09 Pinda.1/2018
    15. Flow Chart
    16. Example of Data Collection
    17. KKM-BKJ-KPI-12-6(a) Pinda.1/2018 Form
    18. KKM-BKJ-KPI-12-6(b) Pinda.1/2018 Form
    19. KKM-BKJ-KPI-12-7 Pinda.1/2018 Form
    20. KKM-BKJ-KPI-12-8 Pinda.1/2018 Form
    21. KKM-BKJ-KPI-12-9 Pinda.1/2018 Form
    22. Technical Specification
    23. Teaching Slide Program Pementoran
    24. KKM/BKJ/KPI-12-6(c) Pind. 1/2018 Form
  4. National Nursing Audit
    1. Pain As The Fifth Vital Sign (P5V5)
  5. KPI Pementoran Kesihatan Awam
    1. Teknikal Spesifikasi 2018 (Kesihatan Awam)
    2. Pengurusan Sistem Rangkaian Sejuk
    3. Pemberian Pendidikan Kesihatan/Nasihat Kesihatan
    4. Pemberian Ubat Melalui Suntikan
    5. Mencuci Luka Aseptik
    6. Pemeriksaan Klinikal Payudara
    7. 5 Moments Hand Hygiene Observational Audit Tool



Ybhg. Dato’ Dr Hj Azman bin Hj Abu Bakar Towards Valued Based Nursing Care
Pn. Hjh Tumble bt Ngadiran @ Tomblow Corroborating Academic and Practice : The Evolving Role of A Clinical Einstructor
Miss Tan Soh Chin Bridging the Gap between Academic and Practice: Advanced Practice Nurse Internship Program
Associate Prof Dr Rob Burton Harmonizing Nursing Education: Theory and Practice
Associate Prof Dr Liaw Sok Ying Doing Research for Excellent Nursing Care
Dr Rekaya Vincent Balang Togetherness in the Provision of Care
Associate Prof Dr Rohani binti Arshad Soaring Nursing Together: Nursing Leaders Lead
Prof Dr Lim Pek Hong Bridging the Theory, Practice Dichotomy in Nursing: The Role of Nurse Educators
Matron Devi K Saravana Muthu High Quality Nursing Care: What is it and How can we Best Ensure Its Delivery


Abstract  No. Presenter name Topic
1 Lalitha A/P Gopalan The Knowledge Among The Nurses In Fall Precaution
2 Daphne Lee Siew Kee Clinical Decision –Making Style And Critical Thinking Skills Among General Care Nurses In Malaysia
3 Bahafzallah Haneen Mohammed Ahmed (Saudia Arabia) Factor Affecting Women’s Compliance with Gestational Diabetes Self-Management in Saudi Arabia
4 Dawindar Kaur Nursing Student’s Perceptions Of An Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) In Diploma Of Nursing At Training Institution, Ministry Of Health, Malaysia (TIMOHM), Johor Bahru
5 Norhayati binti Zainol Relationship Between Occupational Stress And Burnout Among Registered Nurses Of A Public Hospital
6 Nurhayati binti Mohamad Nor Nausea : The Quality Of Life Of Patient With Chronic Kidney Disease In Malaysia
7 Siti Hajar binti Muda Exploring Perception As Preceptor On Benefits, Rewards, Support And Commitment To The Preceptor  Role For Nursing Students In The Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, Kuala Terenggannu
8 Onn Yan Chang Evaluation Of Zero-Heat-Flux Thermometry As An Alternative To Rectal Thermometry For Measurement Of Core Temperature In Critically Ill Neurosurgical Patients
9 Hatifah binti Che Hussin Comparison Of Client’s Satisfaction, Process And Labour Outcome Among Primigravida Receiving Structured Care Programme And Epidural
10 Dr. Normaliza binti Ab Malik Does Oral Health Care Knowledge Among Stroke –Care Nurses Adequate?
11 Au Yit Moy Reduce The Incident Of Medication Error By Counter Checking The Medication Prescriptions And Medications Related Nursing Documentation By Nurses During The Procedure Of Shift Handover
12 Huang Yanhong Effectiveness Of Strategies In Improving Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Recruitment In A Singaporean Acute Care Hospital
13 Mahanum binti Abdul Manap Factors Associated With The Defaulters Among Children Aged 12-24 Months In PKD Cheras
14 Assoc. Prof Zahrah binti Saad Exploring Nursing Students – Decision Making in Internship Programme in the contex of University Level Education
15 Ang Mei Qi (Spore) Does the Application of Warm Pack Preserve the Integrity of Perineum and Promote Maternal Comfort During the Second Stage of Labour?
16 Chriselda Khoo Su Lyn (Spore) Partnering Patients With Eating Disorder To Achieve Better Outcomes: An Approach Towards Group Meal Supervision
17 Wang Fan (Spore) Caring for A Child with Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome: Caregivers’ Health Seeking Behaviours, Meeting the Care and Support Needs of the Child
18 Rita S Muhamad Rizal Comparison in Hand Hygiene Compliance between Health Care Professional in Medical Department Sarawak General Hospital
19 Tan Ai Meng (Spore) Precepting Nurses In A Primary Care Setting: A Qualitative Study
20 Rajeswary A/P N. Marie Severe Neonatal jaundice in Seremban and Its Associated Factors
21 Norfairuziana binti Tinggal Nurses’ Knowledge and Practice towards Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in High Dependency Ward (HDW) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH)
22 Gowry a/p Narayanan Factors Influencing Nurses Compliance With Tuberculosis Standard Precaution  : The Experience Of Malaysian Nurses
23 Bettina Roxane ak Henry Knowledge and Coping Among Carers of Children with Asthma
24 Malliga Devi A/P Rajagopal Knowledge of Blood Transfusion Among Staff Nurses In Penang Mainland Cluster Hospital
25 Vimala Veni Subramaniam A Study about Barrier’s in attending cardiac Rehablitation Programme Among Discharged Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) patients in Sarawak General Hospital Heart Centre
26 Mohd Syirazie Mirza bin Hasan Care Of Ventilated Adult Patient In Medical Wards : Nurses’ Perception
27 Muslimah binti Yusof Falls Among Inpatient Children and its Associated Factors in Institut Pediatrik Hospital Kuala Lumpur
28 Roslawati binti Ramli The Level Of Knowledge Of Nurses In The Use Of The Morse Fall Scale As Assessment Tool In The Prevention Of Falls
29 Thaneswari A/P Kalimuthu A Study To Determine Staff Nurses’ Knowledge Of Delirium And Its Risk Factors In The Medical And Geriatric Wards Of Hospital Kuala Lumpur
30 Kow Fang Fang Organizational Commitment and Intention to Leave Among Nurses in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan
31 Wan Rafeza Binti Rokimi Unwanted Teenage Pregnancy: A Qualitative Study to Explore Young Mothers’ Perspectives and Experience
32 L. Yohgasundary A/P Letchumanan The Effect of Midwife Led Newborn Care Education on Knowledge and Maternal Confidence Among Primipara.
33 Nurul Nadiah Mohamad Anuar Nurses Perception of Nursing Practice Environment In Ministry Of Health (MOH) Hospitals
34 Ani binti Ismail Factor Affecting An Exclusive Breast Feeding (EBF) In Kota Bharu Health Clinic
35 Narry Lwi Contraceptive Practice Among High Risk Postnatal Women In Klang Health District
36 Nur Amalina binti Nordin Knowledge and Practice of Pulmonary Tuberculosis : health Care Workers in Public Hospital, Selangor
37 Alisahkhairun binti Rahmat Melaka Health Challenge: A 6-Month Weight Reduction Program Among Healthcare Workers In Melaka
38 Saibiah @ Salbiah Binti Sindot Statistical Process Control: A Tool For Monitoring Pressure Ulcers In Malaysian Public Hospitals
39 Low Lee Mei Inpatient Fall Rate In A Public Rehabilitation Hospital

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