Credentialing & Privileging Unit (C&P)

Credentialing & Privileging Unit (C&P)


Credentialing & Privileging is a recognition given to nurses by assessing the individual’s eligibility in a particular setting, based on professional training and experience.


  1.  To award a Credentialing Clinical Certificate to Nurses who are eligible for specific clinical procedures and practices.
  2. To coordinate with specific disciplines to achieve clinical competencies and standards.
  3. To maintain skill and competency of nurses in performing task to prevent unwanted outcomes.


  1. Plan and conduct Sub-Specialty Committee (SSC) and the National Credentialing Committee (NCC) meetings.
  2. Coordinate activities related to the C&P program at the Sub-Specialty Committee (SSC) and the National Credentialing Committee (NCC).
  3. Manage and process C&P applications for MOH nursing staff.
  4. Prepare and distribute the Credentialing Certificate for all categories of nurses who have been approved at SSC and NCC meetings.
  5. Coordinate the establishment of C&P for new clinical / disciplinary services.
  6. Identify and Coordinate Sub-specialization such as Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Neuro Intensive Care, Cardio Intensive Care Unit and others.
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